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Philippines singles
Date 05-03-2010 | Views  19220

Based on local studies, there are thousands of women in the Philippines who stayed single until now. Philippine single women prefer to remain in this state until they find themselves secure, not just physically, emotionally, mentally but most especially financially stable. Marriage to them is a lifetime commitment that entails eternal and serious attachment to the one you gave yourself as wife.

Single Filipina women are engaged in different activities which lead them to a choice of single blessedness. Being single for long period of time is a risk taking moment. Why? A lot of single ladies are unaware of their situation.

Later they knew that they've stayed single for a long time. Being single by choice has a social history. Most of Filipino women were locally bind to stay at home. They are given more responsibility to cater the needs of the family especially things pertaining to home based works. Most household shores are given to women. In Philippine culture, men are expected to look for a job, lead the family financially.

Raised in a conservative society, Philippine women remains single for a long period of time because of family preferences. Most of the time, the parents are the once who gives direction to their children. Daughters are expected to stay are home to take care of the other siblings and of the parents. Male children are given responsibility of giving the family financial support most of the time.

Modern Filipinas are more independent. Adopting to western culture, a lot of single Philippine women nowadays are raising themselves solo. Meaning, they have their own house, car, business and a good job.

They enjoy their single life to the fullest. Having a single life is a blessing in disguise. Somehow, you don't need to attend to any concern at all, only yourself. But it also needs patience and responsibility. Being alone is not an insurance that your not in a risk at all. A lot of single people are having problems with premarital sex, issues like these. In general, one must be responsible enough to take good care of themselves whether with the guidance of the family or not.

Philippine single women are now open to on-line dating services. A lot of them are trying and are now exposed to Internet on-line dating. It is more convenient to them. Facing a personal computer or laptop, chatting and making friends on-line is at once a good start.

It can develop self-confidence, facing the people you don't even know at once. Later on, these Philippine single ladies find themselves in connection to their future man to be. A match that somehow took time to be revealed. The Internet world is such a complicated but challenging one. It connects people with different culture, language and personalities. Later on, it binds people to become one as family, happy and contended.