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Secrets of a Filipina Woman
Date 14-03-2010 | Views  17283

The secret to man's heart is through his stomach. It is true. A lot of men are easily amazed when a lady can cook for him the best dish he ever wanted. Considering men's side, it is so easy for them to gain trust.

Unlike with women, one need to meet the standards of a lady's heart to win her. What are the secrets of a Filipina woman? How can we win her heart and have her lifetime companion?

A Filipina woman is a local resident of a country in far Southeast Asia, the Philippines. Women here are binded by culture and traditions. It surrounds their daily encounters.

But one thing that a Filipina woman can be proud of is that, she can easily jive to new introductions such as cultures and traditions other than the Philippines.

The secrets of a Filipina are simply being so grounded and never feel boastful on something. They are concerned with good values and imposes these even at old age.

Hospitable by nature, a Filipina is so passionate in giving attention and catering to a guest's or friend's need. She is practically caring and loving to a family or friend.

One characteristics of a Filipina is that she has the ability to understand the situation of her fellowmen.

To the point that she is willing to lend a hand in times of trouble though she faces the same too.

The inner beauty matters most. Physical attributes are just secondary. But most of the men are attracted to the physical aspect of women.

What you see is always a major thing for men. But lately, they are more open minded in a modern world. Not what you see is all, one need to know more about the person's life to be sure she's the right one you've ever wished for.


These are the secrets of a Filipina; they are attractive, and lovable. They have the characteristics of being a good wife and a responsible mother. Most of all they are respectful, faithful, patient and hardworking. They are willing to sacrifice just for the goodness of everyone. They are willing to loss their pride for good things.


It's not a secret anymore. A lot of things has been reveal all through out these years. Many are successful with their married life because they've chosen to marry a Filipina woman.

Searching is not that hard. A lot of on-line dating sites can help you find your ideal wife. A Filipina woman is one of those who can cater your imagination and reality cravings.

It's a matter of trusting a stranger, but in the long run you will find yourself fulfilled and amazed with what you have in front of you. To dream of a best someone even though not that perfect is not a bad thing to do.

No one is perfect. The only thing constant in this world is change. So why worry with knowing a different woman from your local ones, try to discover the life of a Filipina. You'll be surprised how she handles everything in a passionate way.