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Bountiful love in the hearts who believe in Filipina Ladies
Date 24-02-2010 | Views  10981

Old and young men from different parts of the world alike never seem to be bothered by cultural barriers and still pursue marrying Filipina Ladies. The cultural differences are not just the barrier but also the physical compatibility.

But one survey revealed that most foreigners who have married Filipina ladies seem to be very contented and overwhelmed with joy and happiness. It is simply because of Filipina ladies attractive and genuine values.

Where ever you go their presence is there....In skilled jobs internationally as nurses, teachers, engineers, architects etc. Caring and loving, long patience, thoughtfulness, kind heart, calm disposition, goal minded, honest, dedicated in their work and a good follower – that makes them in demand abroad.

Loyalty and sincerity are the best qualities of Filipina ladies. Respect to their husband and considering his relatives as a part of the family makes great values especially when it comes to a relationship and marriage.

Well trained and excellent upbringing. It is because of the strong influence of the Spiritual or shall I say the impact of the religion. A verse quoted from the Bible says "Train a child in which way he should go and when he is old, he will never depart from it", a quote that's been kept in the hearts and mind. And we will not forget they love deeply, sincerely and purely to those who believe and have faith in them. They are one-man-woman.

They are also famous because of their undeniable beauty and talents. Let's talk about their physical identity. Lovely and bright eyes, slender body, golden brown skin, black straight hair, kissable lips and attractive smile. That is what Filipina ladies are proud of!

We reached the world and competed internationally because of the extraordinary beauty and talent. They have been honored in the field of music, sports especially in boxing, beauty pageants and more. Because of their unshakable talent and skills they are famous.

Since the Philippines is the largest English speaking country in Asia, language barriers is not really an issue or a factor. In fact, it makes the communication easier because they are intelligent, speaks with integrity and a good listener. They speak soft and lovely as well.

In every journey there is a meaning. Whatever achievements Filipina ladies have and how far they have reached still they do not forget the place where they came from, the Philippines. Even the foreign countries discriminate and look down upon them because we are Third World country still we are proud to be a Filipino and that is the spirit!