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» A Filipina's Response
Date 19-09-2016 | Views  669 | Dating |

A Filipina Woman Answers Questions Asked By an Single American Man

» A Filipina
Date 19-09-2016 | Views  600 | Dating |

» Gill
Date 14-06-2016 | Views  726 | testimonial |


» Dayna
Date 13-06-2016 | Views  716 | testimonial |

" I met my soulmate on I want to thank you guys for making this site. God bless you! "

» Romantic Holding Hands Couple
Date 02-05-2016 | Views  831 | Home |

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» Couple of the month
Date 02-05-2016 | Views  839 | Home |

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» Image post format
Date 16-04-2016 | Views  965 | Home |

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» How To Find The Most Attractive Asian Woman
Date 19-01-2012 | Views  52492 | Dating |

An Asian woman is a woman who lives in one of the many countries in the Asian continent. The good thing about Asians is that their cultures are diversified and all the men who look for the perfect Asian woman have a lot of different choices.

» Philippines Girls Are Your Dream Girls
Date 19-01-2012 | Views  542352 | Dating |

A lot has been said about Philippines girls and there are some nice things and not so nice things that have been mentioned.

» Online dating tips for single ladies
Date 17-01-2012 | Views  64444 | Dating |

Finding a husband has been made easy for all single ladies who wish to spend their lifetime abroad. Online dating sites have broken the traditional rule of dating where a girl was supposed to wait tirelessly for the man to profess his love.

» The Benefits Of A Philippine Woman
Date 17-01-2012 | Views  50994 | Dating |

The Philippine woman can be considered as the ideal woman in this world. This is a strong statement but this is exactly how most Filipinas are.

» Having a Great Relationship With A Filipino Woman
Date 17-01-2012 | Views  23505 | Dating |

A Filipino woman is also called a Filipina which is the commonly used term to describe a female who lives and was born in the Philippines.

» Find Romance in Filipina Dating Website
Date 10-11-2011 | Views  49601 | Dating |

The Filipina dating website is one of the dating websites that you can find on the internet today. The growing popularity of dating websites, made everything possible when it comes to finding the right person for you.

» Tips on how to meet Asian women
Date 09-11-2011 | Views  96650 | Dating |

Nowadays, plenty of men love to date Asians. As a fact, there are many Caucasians which are married to Asian women. So if you are one of those who wishes to meet and establish a relationship with an Asian lady, you probably ask yourself how to meet Asian women and get to know one.

» The Advantages Of Asian Dating
Date 27-04-2011 | Views  38069 | Dating |

Once you have joined a site that is targeted for dating Asian women, it is easy to get your profile started with information about yourself along with a picture to help others get to know who you are and what you are about

» Try Online Asian Dating And You Could Find Your Partner For Life
Date 27-04-2011 | Views  64772 | Dating |

There are numerous lonely men in the world that will not even consider an online Asian dating site to find the woman of their dreams

» Why Countless Men Prefer Asian Dating
Date 27-04-2011 | Views  43699 | Dating |

If you have always been unlucky in love, this may simply because you have yet to find a woman who understand your needs and outlook. In the west, most women are now so fiercely independent that it can be hard building a long lasting relationship

» Asian Dating And The Benefits Of It
Date 27-04-2011 | Views  14846 | Dating |

Let us start by telling you that there are some pretty nice websites out there for Asian dating. So, if you are a guy who is looking to date a girl from the Philippines, you should definitely take a look at those sites

» The Advantages Of Asian Dating
Date 27-04-2011 | Views  15235 | Dating |

There are numerous reasons why men enjoy dating Asian women, and specifically those of Filipino origin.

» Asian Dating And The Advantages Of Finding A Girl From The Philippines
Date 27-04-2011 | Views  19786 | Dating |

Asian dating is something that many men are attracted to in today's world. Then, you have other men that are not of the Asian nationality who are attracted to them, yet feel that it is wrong because they were not raised to date outside of their nationality

» The Top Mistakes in Dating girls from the Philippines
Date 08-02-2011 | Views  21915 | Dating |

Many things had be said and spoken about Dating girls from the Philippines - Here are some advices to follow before you fall in love.

» Filipina Lady Profile Brides
Date 07-04-2010 | Views  18704 | Dating |

Filipina lady profile brides are women who are currently searching for a lifetime partner. Through the use of modern technology, they have used the Internet to help them further in looking for a man to become their husband.

» Philippine Woman Seeking Men
Date 07-04-2010 | Views  10670 | Dating |

Having a relationship with the opposite sex is a thing people ordinarily do during his journey in his earth life. It is a natural way of propagating human species on earth.

» About Filipina Dating Online
Date 30-03-2010 | Views  13261 | Dating |

Online dating is currently used by people to find their match. There are sites in the Internet who are specialized in giving you a good catch for a lifetime partner...

» Philippine Girls looking for Men
Date 30-03-2010 | Views  13124 | Dating |

Philippine girls are quite famous for their beauty. The mind of a man might think of a place where he can possibly meet a Filipina girl...

» Filipina Dating Cebuanas
Date 30-03-2010 | Views  15801 | Dating |

Filipina Cebuanas or “Cebuanas” is a term used for Filipina girls and women who grew up and recognizes Cebu City as their home town. They are commonly called the “Bisaya” as used for people living in most of the other Visayas islands and the Mindanao islands...

» Filipina Christian Dating
Date 30-03-2010 | Views  19180 | Dating |

Dating a girl is a thing most people are inclined to do this days. A lot of people, whatever the race, religion or social status, it is a means of having an important connection to people around and to finally meet a partner for a lifetime commitment...

» Beautiful Single Philippine Woman
Date 25-03-2010 | Views  12316 | Dating |

Beautiful single Philippine woman, a typical lady you have never met before. Somehow one little way of finding her is to search over the easy world of Internet...

» Filipina ladies looking for marriage
Date 22-03-2010 | Views  15293 | Dating |

Filipina ladies are also looking for marriage nowadays. Like other ladies around, I think all of the ladies are longing for a men for his lifetime partner...

» Filipina Dating Manila
Date 22-03-2010 | Views  13822 | Dating |

Filipinas are currently open-minded with dating. A lot of Filipinas particularly in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, they are looking for their match as well. ..

» Dating Filipina Woman rules
Date 17-03-2010 | Views  13739 | Dating |

In anything we do, there should be rules. To guide us on what to do, these rules can somehow help us to do the right thing actually. Like in dating, we must be so particular with things must do to gain trust and love from our dream girl...

» Filipine Dream Bride
Date 17-03-2010 | Views  12980 | Dating |

Dreaming of a woman for a lifetime partner is one most men desire of. Lots of men are doing many things in order to find their match. Filipina bride is one thing you’ll desire...

» Manila Nightlife
Date 17-03-2010 | Views  23787 | Dating |

What is Manila nightlife? Where can we find the place called Manila? It may be first time for you to hear this place...

» Secrets of a Filipina Woman
Date 14-03-2010 | Views  17018 | Dating |

The secret to man's heart is through his stomach. It is true. A lot of men are easily amazed when a lady can cook for him the best dish he ever wanted...

» Ladies of the Philippines
Date 14-03-2010 | Views  12847 | Dating |

Ladies of the Philippines, what comes to your mind when you here these words. A lot of us know that every girl possesses unique characteristics. It varies of one place to another...

» Philippine brides
Date 14-03-2010 | Views  13008 | Dating |

» Filipina marriage
Date 11-07-2013 | Views  13271 | Dating |

An archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Philippine wedding practice for Filipinas differs from region to region or from ethnic group to another within some region. The following are examples of wedding practices in the Philippines:

» Filipina Brides
Date 07-03-2010 | Views  13879 | Dating |

Filipina brides, from the word itself, it speaks about ladies from a country called Philippines. Philippine women are heirs of the land of the Republic of the Philippines...

» Philippines singles
Date 05-03-2010 | Views  18934 | Dating |

Based on local studies, there are thousands of women in the Philippines who stayed single until now...

» Asian Dating Service
Date 05-03-2010 | Views  20054 | Dating |

Asian Dating service is a free on-line service that we can avail over the Internet. Modern technology reaches as far as north to southern part of the globe...

» Sexy Filipina
Date 05-03-2010 | Views  16884 | Dating |

We meet sexy Filipinas on-line almost everyday. It is an ordinary event as we go along the development of information technology...

» Asian Wives
Date 03-03-2010 | Views  29032 | Dating |

Asian women are definitely unpredictable. Though physically different with men, they simply exist and naturally human in its own uniqueness...

» Beautiful Filipina Girls
Date 02-03-2010 | Views  14198 | Dating |

Being a small place to live in, the world has taken many positive things on people’s lives as well. Imagine that all your age you wanted to fall madly in love with your dream girl, yet of many attempts you failed each time either with one reason or other...

» Asian Brides
Date 02-03-2010 | Views  14647 | Dating |

Asian brides are not runaway brides for sure. Marrying a woman is a lifetime commitment. Its not a joke, so let's get to know Asian Women as a whole...

» Single Filipino Woman
Date 01-03-2010 | Views  10179 | Dating |

Nowadays, Filipinas (Philippine women) are becoming popular not only in its nearby countries but in America and other Western countries. Single Filipino women are known in their characteristics which are faithful to any relationship they're in...

» Single Asian Ladies
Date 01-03-2010 | Views  13867 | Dating |

Recently, people are having hard time searching for their match because of busy career lives...

» Filipina mail order bride
Date 28-02-2010 | Views  13872 | Dating |

The Filipina mail-order bride industry started in the early 1980's in the United states, which cost multi-million dollars and has been steadily profiting through the years...

» Filipina Wife
Date 28-02-2010 | Views  8039 | Dating |

Filipina, female descendant of the Republic of the Philippines. Located in the equatorial side of the globe, facing the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is one of the island that bares wonderful and magnificent bast of breath taking land marks. This if where Filipina women are born, nurtured to be a Filipina wife...

» Philippine dating services
Date 25-02-2010 | Views  7838 | Dating |

Philippine Dating Services, hearing this can tickle once heart. A lot of people nowadays are so eager to see people, chat with other people though with different races and languages...

» Cebu Girls Dating
Date 25-02-2010 | Views  10144 | Dating |

Cebu City, one of the significant cities in the Philippine Archipelago. Cebu is also favorable for all online searchers who wishes to have their match. Date Cebu girls, and you'll make a difference...

» Bountiful love in the hearts who believe in Filipina Ladies
Date 24-02-2010 | Views  10737 | Dating |

Old and young men from different parts of the world alike never seem to be bothered by cultural barriers and still pursue marrying Filipina Ladies. The cultural differences are not just the barrier but also the physical compatibility...

» Meet Asian Single Woman for Dating
Date 24-02-2010 | Views  8427 | Dating |

Meet Asian single women for a date, you'll see how awesome their lives are, connecting to yours. People seems to be so preoccupied nowadays. A lot choose to stay their status in single mode. Looking for a partner was a long way to go. ..

» About Filipina girls
Date 23-02-2010 | Views  11677 | Dating |

A Filipina girl you could meet within the next 2 seconds on your online chat room. A common girl you will meet with other girls, the same skin color but with different racial backgrounds. In a world we in today, the corporate world of internet connect all races in a different way...

» Free Asian Dating Service
Date 03-11-2011 | Dating |

What can you get in trying Asian Online Dating Services? Modern technology is pacing so fast today...

» Love knows no boundaries in Asian Filipina Dating
Date 21-02-2010 | Views  15895 | Dating |

Internet dating is the most popular thing in the World Wide Web nowadays also when it comes to Asian Filipina Dating. It made dating easier not only locally but globally