Dating and Relationships Among Filipino Singles

Dating and Relationships Among Filipino Singles

Filipino singles meet in different places. A couple will go out on many dates before they consider themselves to be in a relationship. They usually meet other singles through friends or through work. Those that are not comfortable going out alone often choose to go out on group dates. It is safer to go out on group dates, especially when you do not know much about the other person. When going on a first date with someone new, meeting in a public place is often best.


For those that like going to discos to meet other Filipino singles, this can often be trouble. It’s not to say that discos should be avoided but this is where people drink and sometimes lose their minds. The results can sometimes be bad. For those who love going into discos, never lose your mind. Be watchful of what you eat and drink.
Attending the same church can make it is easier to have a relationship with someone. This is partly because both have gotten to know one another in a friendly environment.  In a big church, there is always a friend or a pastor who knows both of you. This way of meeting can be very beneficial.

When things are going well in a relationship, marriage will start to be considered. Marriage is important in our culture and belief system. Filipino singles can consider both marriage and sex as sacred. Many hope to have children after they exchange wedding vows. The age of twenty-five or so is thought to be a good time for Filipina women to get married and start a family.

Faith is always a blessing in one way or another. Filipino singles do not need to be afraid if they are not currently in a relationship. This is the reason Asian Filipina Dating is here. We are here to help Filipina women and foreign born men meet. We cannot promise that the next person you meet on our site is going to be your true love. We suggest taking your time in learning about your next potential partner. This is true no matter how you meet.

The Beaches of the Philippines: Filipina Women share their insight.

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands which mean there are numerous bodies of water within the Philippine islands and not just those surrounding the Philippine archipelago. From the top most part of Luzon down to Mindanao, several tourist spots abound. Filipina women, as well as foreigners, often frequent these beaches during the Holidays. These beaches are often featured on television. The most popular of these, where celebrities, locals, and foreigners go to, are found in Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Siargao, and Davao. Of course, there are still wonderful beaches in the other parts of the Philippines.

Palawan is known for its pure beaches and is often referred to as the “Last Frontier of the Philippines.” There are several beach resorts in Palawan but the most famous are found at its northern tip, El Nido. Many Filipina women, single or married, flock to these beach resorts as well as those found in Boracay. Both Palawan and Boracay are located in the Visayas region. When you hear the word “Boracay”, you should only think one thing…..beaches.

They are so famous for them that even foreigners make the long journey here every year. Boracay has been very popular going back to the 60’s and 70’s. Even today, Boracay is still flooded with tourist during the holidays.


Not to be forgotten is the island of Cebu. It is an island province made up of 167 surrounding islands and islets. As a resident, I have first-hand knowledge of its beautiful shores. When visiting Cebu you can expect it to be the first thing you notice upon landing at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Filipina women who live locally can attest to this. Many of them flood these beaches on weekends to come together with their families.  Located at the top most part of Cebu is Bantayan Island. To get there you need to ride a ferry boat from Hagnaya Port to the port in Sta. Fe in Bantayan island. A must see while visiting is the Sugar Beach Resort. And true to its name it has fine, white sands like powdered sugar.

To those who are into surfing, Siargao is the place to go. While Palawan is known as the “Philippines Last Frontier” Siargao is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines.” With just a slightly calmer surf compared to those beaches outside the Philippines, they offer both challenges and fun from beginner to advanced. Those who aren’t into surfing can still enjoy its gorgeous natural surroundings. If visiting, you shouldn’t miss the Kokai Resort, where many Filipino singles go surfing and diving.


Our current President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, hails from Davao. This has brought renewed interest to this area. Do you want to go where white, gold, and pink pearls used to be cultivated? Then you should visit Pearl Farm in Davao. And while there stop over at the residence of President Rodrigo Duterte and take a selfie with his life-size image.

From all over the world, as an American man looking for Filipina wife, you can fly into Davao, Ninoy Aquino or Mactan Cebu International Airport. Take some time to explore the islands of the Philippines and learn its culture. The Philippines has lots to share. Many find that a week is not enough time to explore the country.

We hope to see you soon!

American Man Looking for Filipina Wife Answers Questions

1.) What do you think will make long distance online relationships work?


I believe that a relationship that starts online must go a slower than if started in person.  When we meet online the way we learn is through exchanging words and information.  This makes it take a little longer to learn and to like someone.  I believe the key to making a long distance relationship work is to get to know one another well. It’s important to discuss each other’s expectations of the relationship. If one person is looking for marriage and the other is not, then somebody may get hurt. It’s important to be open and honest.

At some point, meeting and spending time with each other will be the ultimate test.  Can we as a couple feel as comfortable with one another in person as we are online? Am I attracted to them now as much as before?  Have they been open and honest about their lives?  These are questions that can only be answered when we are together in person.


2.) When the time comes for you to settle down and you have had made several relationships, how would you end those relationships with the other women?


Ending relationships, whether you are the one ending it or having it done to you, can be difficult.  It is a test of one’s maturity.  Feelings sometimes get hurt.  One person may not see that the end was near and they could react with anger.


It’s important to be honest and truthful with the person you will settle down with.  It would be unfair to commit to one person but still carry on a similar relationship with someone else.  The secrets seem to come out. The hurt ones will not be accepting of the dishonesty. They will not like that they were sharing the person they thought was all theirs. Nothing hurts like the pain of thinking the other person was as committed as you, but were not.

I think when one is ready to commit, they should have already said goodbye to others. They should only be communicating with the one they have the most feelings for.

3.) If the woman you meet on the site with whom you’d like to settle down with does not want to settle in the country where you are, what will you do about it? 


This can be a problem.  This issue should be discussed after knowing one another for a little while.  If not, it can lead to big issues later on.  If one person in the relationship is not interested in moving, then it cannot work.  It’s my belief that most men using the site are not looking to move full time to the Philippines. I also feel that most Filipina women on the site are prepared for a life change like this.  An American man looking for a Filipina wife is likely willing to visit to spend time with her.  However, his life has been built and established in his country.  The man can provide and function best at “home” better than abroad.