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Top 3 Reasons Why Filipino Women Make the Best Wives in the World

Top 3 Reasons Why Filipino Women Make the Best Wives in the World

Date 2010-07-02 01:16:06

Top 3 Reasons Why Filipino Women Make the Best Wives in the World

This… is not a sponsored post. This post neither makes intention to put up for sale Filipino women nor traffic them to everyone who could read this post.

I am a Filipina. I’m a short, fair-skinned, black-haired Filipina, and yea! I’m proud. Well, to sum up all the reasons why I am actually proud of being one is that… apparently, the most gorgeous women in the world can originally be found in my dear country, Philippines. There are indeed lots of accounts that put in to picture why Filipinas are lovable and wanted. Well, here are my three major reasons why I think Filipinas make the best wives in the world.

1. Obviously, we are renowned for our beauty!

Take it from me! (lol) Filipinas are famous for how they carry their beauties inside and out. The successions of our beauty queens are almost celebrated. Modesty aside, women from the Philippines are most likely to be gentle in actions and in their behaviors as well. We are raised up in a socially-oriented environment so it is very natural for us to be generous and supportive.

2. Filipino recipes make the Filipinas the best wives in the world

If you’re an Asian and you don’t know what Adobo and Kare-Kare are, then I think you’ll be missing out the best Asian recipes served in the whole world. And these foods are only made available to us by Filipinas. Well, if you’ve seen a picture of these recipes and you’d like to try them, one of the ways that you could simply have them is to love a Filipina. Filipina women believe that the best way to someone’s heart is through his stomach. So, I guess that’s a good reason enough why Filipinas are really loveable.

3. Filipino Women build Close Family Ties

Closeness to the family is a popular Filipino value. To the Filipino women, family will always remain to be of main concern. Filipina wives are more willing to sacrifice anything for their family.

Well, to go over the main points, Filipinas make the best wives in the world. While there are further races that claim that they are the best and stuff like that, I’m pretty quite sure that even though were you travel around the world and meet other races, Filipino people are still the only nation that can make me proudly, “I’m proud to be a Filipino!”

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